Five Steps to Recovery

Thanks for ordering the desktop version of Five Steps to Recovery and the meditation downloads.  May your recovery unfold effortlessly!

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Click on the arrows to listen to the meditations listed below. Transcriptions for the meditations can be found in the Five Steps to Recovery desktop book.

The first meditation for each of the five steps is the overview meditation. I recommend that you listen to this meditation first.  Transforming thought forms takes focus and commitment, but when you take the commitment seriously, you will be totally delighted with how much better you will begin to feel. 
Taking the time to listen each day really will pay off handsomely.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.

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                     Step One: Focus

What is Your Plan?

Place of No Power

Place of Power

A Fond Memory

Focus Meditation

Step Two: Clarify

Energy of Negative Thoughts

Trying a New Therapy?

Value of Detail 

Having Difficulty Moving? 

How we Obstruct Recovery

Step Three: Stay on Track

It is Not That Simple

Four Memories

Pleasure Behind Pain

Charge of Positive Thoughts

Purge Negative Thoughts

Step Four: Have Faith

Power of Words

Pray Today

When You Had Faith

Muster Up the Times

Listen to Your Body

Step Five: Persist


Finish What You Start

Power of Persistence

 Persist or Quit

Looking for Answers

Calendar Reminders


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